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First thematic consultations on the new global migration framework opens in Geneva



Human Rights must be at the core of the future Global Compact on Migrations says GANHRI as first thematic consultations on the new global migration framework opens in Geneva


GENEVA 8 MAY 2017 – The international human rights framework must be at the core of the new global framework on migrants, GANHRI Special Envoy Florence Simbiri Jaoko has urged as the first thematic session consultations on developing this new framework is being launched in Geneva. 


The framework, which is called Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and is due to be adopted in 2018, will set out a range of principles and commitments among governments to enhance coordination on international migration.


“The Global Compact on Migration offers the opportunity to address the serious challenges including human rights violations that migrants face. The process must, therefore, recognize the universality of human rights, and the principle of non-discrimination as enshrined in the UN human rights framework, including the ILO conventions, as they apply to migrants at all points, transit, destination and return by embracing the rights based approach” said Ms Simbiri-Jaoko addressing the thematic session.


“Sovereignty and security concerns should not be used to target and aggravate the plight of already vulnerable migrants and we also need to ensure, in the spirit of UN, that where migration is instigated by human rights violations, that countries of origin are held accountable to the principles of the rule of law and democracy”.


GANHRI also called on member states to implement the recommendation from the Durban Declaration and Plan of Action to develop Action plans on Racism and Xenophobia, that would give clarity to the fight against these practices and their specific targeting of migrant communities.  Consistent and deliberate actions against the perpetrators of racism and xenophobia against migrants will enable states to facilitate viable integration policies and programs. 


GANHRI urged that the Global Compact reaffirm the critical role that NHRIs established in compliance to the Paris Principles play in monitoring state compliance  to equality and non-discrimination through their mandates of complaints handling, investigations, advising governments, training and reporting to the national parliaments, regional and international human rights systems; and to this end State parties  should be encouraged to establish and or strengthen Paris compliant NHRIs  to anchor the GC principles and values at the national level.


Speaking also on the process of the development of the new framework, Ms Jaoko said that “There is a need for the Global Compact process to be inclusive, transparent and ensure meaningful participation by migrants and organizations working with them, by ensuring their contributions to all stages of the process and by reflecting their contributions in the final outcome documents.”


Member states in the modalities resolution on the Global Compact on Migration (Modalities Resolution - EN.pdfModalities Resolution - EN.pdf, Modalities Resolution - SP.pdfModalities Resolution - SP.pdf, Modalities Resolution - FR.pdfModalities Resolution - FR.pdf, Modalities Resolution - AR.pdfModalities Resolution - AR.pdf ) have specifically invited the active participation and contributions of GANHRI, regional networks and Paris Princples compliant NHRIs at all stages of the development of the new global framework on migration.


To coordinate NHRI engagement in this process, GANHRI has set up a Task Force comprised of the NHRIs of Germany as Chair, Morocco, the Philippines and Mexico.


Leading up to the global consultations in Geneva, the NHRI of Morocco in partnership with the Network of African NHRIs and the NHRI of Niger have held a regional consultation on the roles of NHRIs and their contributions to the Global Compact process.


Full statements are available here:

GANHRI Global Compact Statement on Human Rights and migrants.pdfGANHRI Global Compact Statement on Human Rights and migrants.pdf

GANHRI Global Compact Statement on Equality and Non Discrimination.pdfGANHRI Global Compact Statement on Equality and Non Discrimination.pdf



Ms. Katharina Rose

GANHRI Geneva Representative

UNOG - Palais des Nations - Office B425

Tel + 41 22 917 16 74; Mobile: + 41 76 21 740 57


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