13th International Conference

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“Expanding the civic space and promoting and protecting human rights defenders, with a specific focus on women:

The role of national human rights institutions” 

10 to 12 October 2018, Marrakech, Morocco



​Marrakech Declaration (FinalMarrakech Declaration_ES_ 12102018 - FINAL .pdfES Marrakech Declaration Final Arabic (1).pdfAR Marrakech Declaration_FR_ 12102018 - FINAL .pdfFR Marrakech Declaration_EN_ 12102018 - FINAL.pdfENG

Press-release (closure): FINAL press release.pdf ENG 

Concept Note:13th_IntlConferenceNHRIs_Concept_Note - for distribution -  FR.DOCXFR 13th_IntlConferenceNHRIs_Concept_Note - for distribution.docxENG  13th_IntlConferenceNHRIs_Concept_Note_SP.docxESP 13th_IntlConferenceNHRIs_Concept_Note_AR.docxAR 

Final Programme: Program 13th International Conference - for  distribution-ES.pdfES Program_20181008_Arabic.pdfAR FINAL 13th IntlConferenceNHRIs_Program FR.pdfFR Program_20181008_English.pdfENG

For more information please contact conference@ganhri.org  

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