11th International Conference - Outcomes




 Opening Ceremony

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 Session 1: The International human rights system: setting the scene

expand Title : Key note speech by CEDAW Committee member ‎(1)
expand Title : Key note speech by UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women ‎(1)



 Session 2: How are NHRIs addressing forms of VAW and girls?

expand Title : Addressing VAW in a conflict situation (Afghanistan) ‎(1)
expand Title : Interventions on violence against woman - from theory to practice (Mexico) ‎(2)
expand Title : Monitoring tools with respect to violence against women ‎(1)
expand Title : NHRIs developing a gender integrated framework for their work - Canada's experience ‎(1)
expand Title : The Rwandan Experience ‎(1)



 Session 3: NHRIs addressing intersections of Violence Against Women and Girls - Good Practices

expand Title : Human Rights Defenders and Gender ‎(1)
expand Title : Human Trafficking in Spain - Invisible victims ‎(2)
expand Title : Presentation by UNICEF ‎(1)
expand Title : Presentation on 6th Arab European NHRI Working Group on violence against women and girls ‎(1)
expand Title : Women and disabilities and migrant women - how the Korean Commission is addressing the matter ‎(1)



 Session 5: Women's Empowerment: Economic and Social Rights and Political Participation – ‘Challenges and Progress’

expand Title : Discrimination against women in law and practice in the area of public and political life ‎(1)
expand Title : Engaging high level corporate leadership for gender equality ‎(1)
expand Title : Gender Responsive budgeting and NHRIs ‎(1)
expand Title : UN MDGs and the post 2015 agenda ‎(1)



 Session 6: Women's Empowerment: Economic and Social Rights and Political Participation – ‘Participation and Emerging Issues’

expand Title : Observations by the Defensor of Ecuador ‎(1)
expand Title : Women's participation in democratic movements ‎(1)
expand Title : Working in the context of the European financial crisis ‎(1)



 Session 9: Development and adoption of Amman Declaration/Programme of Action

expand Title : Amman Declaration and Programme of Action ‎(3)



 NGO Forum Declaration

expand Title : Amman CSO statement to NHRIs FINAL  ‎(3)