27th ICC General Meeting

The 27th session of the ICC General Meeting will take place in Geneva, Palais des Nations, conference room XVII, from 12 to 14 March 2014.
For any information, please contact:
Ms. Judith Cohen (jcohen@sahrc.org.za), ICC Liaison Officer
Mr. Katharina Rose  (k.rose@europe.com), ICC Geneva Representative
Ms. Biba Pesut (bpesut@ohchr.org), Programme Assistant, OHCHR
Mr. Srinivasa Kammath  (nconsultant2@ohchr.org), OHCHR

Meeting documents:

expand Title : Information Note ‎(4)
expand Title : Invitation letter ‎(4)
expand Title : Preliminary Agenda ‎(3)
expand Title : Registration form ‎(4)


expand Title : National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights ‎(4)


  ICC Bureau meeting documents


expand Title : ICC Budget for 2014 ‎(3)
expand Title : Report of the ICC Finance Committee ‎(2)


expand Title : OHCHR Information Note ‎(1)


expand Title : Report and Recommendations of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation ‎(1)
expand Title : SCA Compilation of the Rules & Working Methods ‎(4)


expand Title : Belgrade Principles ‎(3)
expand Title : Belgrade Principles on the Relationship between NHRIs and Parliaments ‎(1)
expand Title : Parliamentary Scrutiny in Australia ‎(1)


expand Title : Women's Rights and National Action Plans ‎(2)


expand Title : Human Rights-based-approach to development planning and the role of NHRI ‎(8)
expand Title : Working together to be better leaders ‎(1)


expand Title : Ms. Flavia Pansieri  Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights ‎(1)
expand Title : S.E.M Baudelaire Ndong Ella,  Président du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme ‎(1)
expand Title : UNDP Opening Statement 27 ICC ‎(1)