25th ICC General Meeting

A key ICC activity is the organisation of the ICC General Meeting, which is usually held in conjunction with the March session of UN Human Rights Council, and the ICC International Conference.
The annual General Meeting is organised in collaboration with the National Institutions and Regional Mechanism Section (NIRMS) of OHCHR. All NHRIs are invited to participate.
General meetings provide an important opportunity for NHRIs to share information on thematic issues, engage with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and to consider the UN Secretary General’s reports to the Human Rights Council.

Meeting documents:
expand Title : Agenda ‎(4)
expand Title : Agenda Bureau meeting ‎(4)
expand Title : Conference Registration Forms ‎(4)
expand Title : Infonotes ‎(7)
expand Title : Institutional Meeting ‎(86)
expand Title : Letter of Invitation ‎(4)
expand Title : NHRIs & Transitional Justice ‎(9)
expand Title : NHRIs & UPR Follow up ‎(14)
expand Title : NHRIs and Environment ‎(2)
expand Title : NHRIs and Indigenous Peoples ‎(4)
expand Title : NHRIs and Monitoring ‎(24)
expand Title : NHRIs and Right to Development ‎(9)
expand Title : NHRIs, Businesss and HR ‎(26)
expand Title : Side Event on Accreditation ‎(8)

expand Title : Business ‎(2)
expand Title : Environment ‎(1)
expand Title : Indigenous Peoples ‎(1)
expand Title : Monitoring ‎(9)
expand Title : Opening Ceremony speeches ‎(6)
expand Title : Right to development ‎(1)
expand Title : Side event on accreditation ‎(2)
expand Title : Transitional Justice ‎(3)
expand Title : UPR ‎(2)