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Sale Description: All types of seeds from the cannabis plant. The top 50 best selling marijuana strains in feminized seeds form, for sale at low prices. We have Gorilla Glue, Purple Kush, Afghan, Super Lemon Haze, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, NYC Diesel among many more top breeds.

Purchasing: To buy the seeds we offer for sale, simply visit the official Abundant Life Seeds website.

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​Overview: Researchers studied the growth effects of the outdoor cannabis seeds by Mold Resistant Strains. The marijuana seeds were grown outdoors in the following US states:

  • Alabama (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Alaska (2 cannabis seeds)
  • Arizona (3 cannabis seeds)
  • Arkansas (6 cannabis seeds)
  • California (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Colorado (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Connecticut (2 cannabis seeds)
  • Delaware (6 cannabis seeds)
  • Florida (4 cannabis seeds)
  • Georgia (8 cannabis seeds)
  • Hawaii (8 cannabis seeds)
  • Idaho (2 cannabis seeds)
  • Illinois (4 cannabis seeds)
  • Indiana (8 cannabis seeds)
  • Iowa (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Kansas (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Kentucky (9 cannabis seeds)
  • Louisiana (2 cannabis seeds)
  • Maine (3 cannabis seeds)
  • Maryland (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Massachusetts (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Michigan (3 cannabis seeds)
  • Minnesota (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Mississippi (3 cannabis seeds)
  • Missouri (2 cannabis seeds)
  • Montana (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Nebraska (6 cannabis seeds)
  • Nevada (5 cannabis seeds)
  • New Hampshire (7 cannabis seeds)
  • New Jersey (5 cannabis seeds)
  • New Mexico (4 cannabis seeds)
  • New York (4 cannabis seeds)
  • North Carolina (8 cannabis seeds)
  • North Dakota (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Ohio (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Oklahoma (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Oregon (8 cannabis seeds)
  • Pennsylvania (4 cannabis seeds)
  • Rhode Island (5 cannabis seeds)
  • South Carolina (3 cannabis seeds)
  • South Dakota (3 cannabis seeds)
  • Tennessee (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Texas (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Utah (9 cannabis seeds)
  • Vermont (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Virginia (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Washington (2 cannabis seeds)
  • West Virginia (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Wisconsin (5 cannabis seeds)
  • Wyoming (4 cannabis seeds)

Results: Researchers recorded the attributes of the marijuana seeds germinated until harvested. The overall growth vigor of the marijuana plants, feeding methods, training and outdoor conditions were all taken into account. The participating marijuana growers recorded their results bi-weekly and contributed to the study as part of a collaboration between the research team and outdoor marijuana growers throughout the US.

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cheap marijuana seeds picture

Consumer reports in the cannabis industry show a rise of interest in obtaining cheap marijuana seeds. Our research team analyzed the market trends in the marijuana growing sector and compared results with previous year reports.


Marijuana seeds are needed by growers in the legal districts by which they are permitted to grow. In the United States a number of states have come out in support of legalization efforts, however, the seeds remain essentiallly illegal by federal law. As a result of US laws, marijuana seed breeders are typically based out of Europe, where certain country laws allow the seed banks to charge credit cards, get banking, process and ship the orders from growers wanting to buy seeds.

The price of cannabis seeds varies. By nature, marijuana seeds are regular - meaning the resulting germinated seeds give both female (the buds) and male (pollen) plants. Cultivators typically remove the male plants and leave the females to mature into seedless marijuana buds. Feminized seeds is a new breeding technique that uses stress to produce a male "hermy" flower on a female plant, which is used to breed another female resulting in seeds that sprout nearly only female plants. Prices of feminized seeds can be found for under $9 each, while regular seeds cost lower when bought in bulk seed packs.

Consumer Reports

Marijuana seed banks are experiencing a rise in interest, likely due to the increased popularity of legal cannabis cultivation in the United States. Should the future yield more legal cannabis efforts, an expected further increase in sales, which relates to consumer price, may be expected from 2019 onward.

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Question: How to Buy Cannabis Seed in the USA?


Best Answer: The options to purchase marijuana seeds online consist of online retailers, known as seed banks, which distribute the cannabis seeds throughout the United States and worldwide. A customer can log on to the seed bank web site to select the desired strain to grow from seed. The seeds are varied, so searching through the seed bank catalog is recommended in order to get the best selection for the individual’s specifications. Depending on the aim of the growers, either sativa, indica or hybrid cannabis seeds are offered. Old school cannabis genetics such as Colombian Gold, Vietnamese Black, Thai Stick, Haze, OG Kush and Afghani can be found in regular seeds, feminized seeds and even autoflowering hybrid strains based on ruderalis genetics. The consumer is advised to select a marijuana seed bank USA for cannabis seeds to grow indoors, outdoor or in a greenhouse as permissible by the permit holder. State and Federal regulations may impact the eligiblity of a customer to purchase marijuana seeds online. Make sure to refer to the official laws and statutes.​ 

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Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects the marijuana plant species. Symptoms of powdery mildew infection include wilting, decreased photosynthesis, and necrosis which stems from the white powder-like fungi that invades the cell structure in plants.



Researchers from the University of California discovered that certain types of cannabis are more immune to the effects of powdery mildew than other varieties. The genetics of a marijuana strains provided the research team insight into the growth habits of the test plants.

powdery mildew on weed


A total of 19 plants were grown in a peer reviewed side-by-side study lasting the course of the entire crop growth cycle. Notes and analysis were taken in regular intervals. Watering the marijuana plants was combined with supplemental nutrients and an organic living soil mix in the ground.


The marijuana plants exposed to powdery mildew were able to rid the disease using the assistance of organic powdery mildew cures. After the 3 month study, the plants were completely cleaned of the white powder mold and continued into a high yielding harvest of dense, high THC marijuana buds.​​​

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All-natural Legal Steroids which contain key ingredients like Horny Goatweed, Maca Root, L-Arginine, natural extracts such as Korean Ginseng,  and other related elements  help to improve sexual performance. Yohimbe is a common ingredient found  in sex  pills that should  be avoided because  of its risky  side effects. Many male enhancement  pills include ingredients that may individually help, but when blended together with additional  ingredients, they can be unsafe and risky, especially those which include the ingredient, Yohimbe.

Using the best male  enhancement pills just 30 minutes before  sexual activities  can help to increase confidence levels  in sexual performance. Using  Legal Steroids which  contain all-natural ingredients are considered safer because  the risks  of side effects while using prescription medications are higher. Aggressive methods can cause side effects such as dizziness, troubled vision, disturbed hearing, and even heart issues.

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Men of  all ages  can suffer from a decrease  in libido, low quality orgasms, and low stamina. Several factors that can cause such circumstances include malnutrition, obesity, depression, drugs, prescribed  medications, lack  of sleep, genetics, etc.  The list can go on  and it essentially shows just how quickly male performance can drop or be affected. Unhealthy lifestyles can greatly impact sexual desires  or performance overtime.  Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to aggressive  sex pills that use all-natural ingredients to boost  male pleasures  and stamina  in up  to 30 minutes.  Penile enhancement supplements are often referred to as the herbal Viagras because they deliver fast results that can last up to 6 hours. Aggressive methods  are often avoided because  of the painful  and risky  side effects they may  cause.

Some  of the leading all-natural Legal Steroids consist  of formulas  that are highly effective  and 100%  safe to use. Effective  ingredients in Penile enhancement supplements include Oyster Extracts, Licorice  Root, Horny Goatweed, Damiana  Root, Muira Puama Leaf, Stinging Nettles,  and other related elements.  Legal Steroids that contain ingredients such as Yohimbe are strongly urged  to avoid at all costs. Penile enhancements  which contain Yohimbe  can possibly lead  to dangerous  side effects and eventually may endanger  your health. Ingredients that remain  to be powerful  and effective in penile enhancement pills are mentioned above  and can improve sexual performance without  the risks or side effects.

Intimate encounters  can be fulfilling  and pleasurable  when using  all-natural penile enhancements. Penile enhancements  which contain the mentioned  ingredients aretoday’s leading  and best Legal Steroids up-to-date. Leading  penile enhancements  in today’s  market help and improve orgasm quality,  increase firmness  inerections,  boost sexual stamina, and increase pleasure naturally and safely.  The finest  Legal Steroids work in as little  as 30 minutes  and can last up  tosix hours. Prescription pills tend to be too risky, causing dangerous side effects such as heart problems, and they can even disturb vision and hearing. All-natural penile enhancements are healthy and safe alternatives  to improve sexual performance and deliver desired  results without costly prescriptions. We  have reviewed  male enhancers and listed  what you need  to know before buying  penile enhancement pills for consumer safety  and results.

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People with heart disease should only use PhenQ diet pill under the direct care of their doctors. Natural weight loss supplements from www.charlotteleslie.com is a known vasodilator and is proven to lower blood pressure. This can be dangerous in people with heart disease unless you get an “all-clear” from your doctor.

Bleeding Conditions and Surgery

Because of its role as a vasodilator, PhenQ diet pill has the potential to slow blood clotting. People with bleeding conditions should avoid taking the diet pills until their condition has improved.

Similarly, you should stop taking PhenQ diet pill at least two weeks prior to any planned surgery. Again, PhenQ diet pill can cause wounds to bleed longer than they normally would. To be safe, you should discontinue use for at least two weeks after surgery or until surgical incisions have healed.


There are only a few medications that PhenQ diet pill is thought to interact with. However, if you are taking any of them, you should consult with a physician prior to starting a PhenQ diet pill regimen.

Blood Pressure Medications

PhenQ diet pill is a vasodilator and is known to help lower blood pressure. If you take blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers, clonidine, or hydralazine you should only use PhenQ diet pill under the direct care of a physician. When combined with these medications PhenQ diet pill has the potential to reduce blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Blood Thinners

Just as with blood pressure medications, PhenQ diet pill should only be used under the care of a physician if you take any of the following medications:


Common Medications

Aspirin is technically a blood thinner, but is used for many reasons and contained in many medications. If you regularly take medications containing Aspirin, consult your physician prior to using PhenQ diet pill.

As you can see, for most people PhenQ diet pill is a safe diet pills. It has shown positive results in helping people lose weight and add muscle mass. Most of the side effects are minor and only last a short time. However, as with anything, if you experience significant side effects while taking PhenQ diet pill, it is best to err on the side of caution and discontinue use until you can speak with your doctor.​

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Cnidium Monnier

Is a great ingredient to get before your workout. It will give you some extra energy and will boost your nitric oxide levels in conjunction with the L-Arginine, we described earlier. Studies also suggest that you might be able to burn off more body fat during your workout using this supplement.

Ganoderma Lucidum

Will increase your blood circulation so more nutrients will be carried out to your muscles, faster.

Wu Wei Zi

Improves your heart function and blood flow so you will get a better athletic performance and endurance. Cordycep Sinensis Extract Will add that “Grrrrrr” to your workout and at the same time improve your sex drive in case it is low. Damiana Is actually an aphrodisiac that will make you hot and wanting to have sex. It will stimulate your penis by increasing your oxygen delivery to your genital area. Long term it will improve your sexual health and give you a better performance. Maca Root Is the ingredient to take if you are having problems with erectile dysfunction. If you are fine it will improve your erections and make you harder. Tongkat Ali Also called “Asian Viagra” because it gives you some of the same benefits as Viagra, but more naturally. Tongkat Ali is widely used among men in Asian that are having problems with their erection.

Lentinula Edodes – Shiitake Mushroom

the Shiitake mushroom is widely used in Asia to treat various diseases and infections. It is even used to treat cancer in certain countries but there are no scientific evidence that it is actually working. For you who wants to build learn muscles and improve your sexual health the Shiitake mushroom will help you to get rid of toxins in your body that could cause infections and inflammations.

Testosterone Booster Before and After

You need to remember when you are working out in a gym you will be exposed to all sorts of bacteria’s Lentinula Edodes will help you to keep your body strong.

Where to Buy Testosterone Booster?

Because there are some many ingredients in TestoGen the price tag could easily become way to high. This is why the manufacture have decided only to sell TestoGen online from the company website. This way they have managed to cut away the “middle man” expenses and keep the price at a reasonable level when you take into consideration that this supplement comes with so many ingredients. In order to buy TestoGen you will need to sign up for a free trial first. You can do that on the link below.

Testosterone Booster Side Effects

If you follow the directions regarding how to take this supplement and the right dosage you will not experience any side effects. However because there are so many ingredients in this supplement, there are times you may experience some bloating and constipation in the beginning. This is because your body is receiving ingredients it is not accustomed too. Normally it will pass after a couple days and you will be fine. You can also lower the dosage in the beginning and it will help as well. If you are having a surgery or a dealing with any blood pressure issues you should not be taking TestoGen. It is always a good idea to have a talk with your doctor before you get started with any supplements.​
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Penis enlargement pill Review

Penis enlargement pill is a male enhancement product said to enhance erection, prolong male orgasm and increase ejaculation volumes.

The product is marketed as the most powerful male enhancement drug, which raises curiosity whether this claim can be justified.

We therefore decided to carry out the research and we have been able to come up with a review to help you determine if the product could be what you are looking for.

What is Penis enlargement pill?

Penis enlargement pill is essentially a male enhancement product package that includes supplement pills and a PenisHealth exercise DVD or online video option. The supplements are said to have been formulated using 1500mg of potent ingredients, resulting in increased nutrient supply to the male reproductive system.

The supplement pills offer 1500mg per serving of nutrients, which is a greater amount than what is offered by competitors. At face value this does seem like an incredible claim, because the company claims that the supplements were formulated using an exclusive formula.

What Can Penis enlargement pill™ Exclusive Formula Do for You?

Research on Penis enlargement pill has shown that this product can provide:

Enhanced and intense erections due to increased blood flow to the penis

Prolonged male orgasms due to better blood flow

Increased ejaculation volumes due to increased testosterone levels

Increased stamina

What Ingredients are used to formulate Penis enlargement pill?

The main ingredient used to formulate Penis enlargement pill is Pomegranate 70% ellagic acid, known to act as an aphrodisiac in its purest form. We also found out that the supplements contain these components:

45mg zinc in Citrate form Zinc has been clinically proven to improve sexual health, including semen quality and quantity and reducing prostatitis which can lead to impotency (helps get it up).

25mg Cordyceps Studies have shown that Cordyceps Acid may increase endurance, increase ATP production and aid in blood circulation (helps keep it up).

100mg Methyl Suffonyl Methan (MSM) MSM is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may also help with prostatitis and other disorders that cause ED (helps men with erection dysfunction).​

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Hunt for sexual enhancers in order to improve their performance for many men has been tough. Vast majority have chosen Male Enhancement pills as their best product as it’s one of the finest available at present. It not just aid to enlarge the penis size but as well improve all other aspects of men’s sexual health. Do not stop reading and uncover what sexual health benefits Male Enhancement has to offer.

A Common Condition

The most popular and common sexual problem that frustrates men is erectile dysfunction. In general it means that a man can not get the erection or it does not last for long enough. It is important to remember that you might be suffering from ed if these symptoms are present for longer time.

Causes of ed generally can be following: physical and/or psychological. Physical problems can include a variety of health problems, physical anomalies or physical damage. Psychological problems which can cause ed are numerous and often can be explained with something that had happened during your routine; stress, depression, anxiety are only few to point out.

What is Male Enhancement

Male Enhancement pills being a quite recently released product, already have helped thousands to achieve their targets and fulfill their expectancies. Until now, men who have used Male Enhancement are reporting that they are satisfied with the results and that their expectancies are satisfied. Pills of Male Enhancement system contain 1500mg of natural ingredients that provide all a man needs to become bigger and better.

- Two thirds of Male Enhancement pills consist of L-Arginine (500mg) and as well called natures natural Viagra – Pomegranate 70% Ellagic (500mg). These two pricey ingredients are included in order to offer the ultimate effectiveness and erection power. Use of Pomegranate is a proven method of improving the blood flow to the penis, and L-Arginine is proven to make your erections harder.

- Male Enhancement supplement male enhancement supplement as well contain following ingredients: Tongkat Ali, Maca, L-Methionine and other nutrient rich ingredients.

Previously mentioned ingredients form a awfully robust formulation that offers range of sexual benefits to its user. With Male Enhancement pills you should see improvements like larger penis, harder erections, more intense orgasms and overall improvement of your virility and self-confidence.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

With each Male Enhancement supplement order, customers get complimentary penis enlargement exercises that are designed to enlarge the penis by up to three inches in length and girth. PenisHealth exercises do work, which is proven by tens of thousands of satisfied consumers. These penis enlargement exercises are designed to enlarge the penis size too as manage the ejaculation to avoid premature ejaculation.

Why keep on being frustrated about your sex life? Get Male Enhancement pills and blow both of you away!

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​High Yield Strains

Description: High yield marijuana strains are used by medical and recreational growers in the United States for heavier harvests. The types of high yield strains are commonly selectively crossed and developed by natural means to develop hefty harvests of cannabis nugs. 

a high yielding cannabis strain grown indoors 

Analysis: Genetic traits that differentiates high yield strains are usually influenced by the breeders who aim to up production in their marijuana crops. High yielding "production plants" go further in the breeding process to be selected focused on flavor and yield as well as high THC content.

Environmental durability of high yield genetics including outdoor cultivars. Mold resilient strains are peer-reviewed in the cannabis community as the most referenced high yield marijuana strains

For example, Big Bud produces heavy buds form up plump during their blooming stage that a lot of farmers need to stake specific braches and divisions up in order to get the plant to finish away from the floor because of the bulky massive yield. Although the options are subjective to a number of factors, adding strain selection and method grown, it was something worth improving on in the future.

As 2019 shows a booming cannabis industry in the United States, growers are more aware than ever of the effects of strain selection in their grows. The influence of high yielidng strains plays a significant impact in the outcome of the grower's harvest.

02/02/2019 02:34
129/10/2018 13:35

​Educational reference the Top 25 Best Indica Strains: https://moldresistantstrains.com/top-25-best-indica-strains/​

29/10/2018 13:36
029/10/2018 13:34

​Educational reference: the Top 25 Best Sativa Strains: https://moldresistantstrains.com/top-25-best-sativa-strains/

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​<a href="http://www.vigrxplus-official.us">VigRX Plus</a> is a clinically-tested proprietary polyherbal preparation for improving male sexual function. The product is marketed by Leading Edge Health (BBB accredited business) since 2001. The clinical studies which show its efficacy, in a double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled, parallel groups, multi-centre study was done by a separate organization called Vedic Life Sciences. VigRx Plus is designed to increase sexual stamina and <a href="https://sites.google.com/site/bathmatehydromaxofficial/">penis enlargement</a>, as well as increase your libido.The product has been endorsed by celebrity doctor(author of the best-seller “Hardness Factor”) Dr.Steven Liamm. Vigrx plus has been used by over half a million people over years.

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​November 27-29, 2012, Expocentre, Moscow

ExpoCem-2012. Cement Exhibition

Exhibition «ExpoCem» units leading companies of the market on the one venue and creates unique information area in the field of producing and usage of cement. Exhibitors and visitors will find innovation and effective technologies, equipment for cement industry and lots of new contacts and meetings.​

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