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Travel to Highlands in Vietnam


Highlands when it comes to places this many people trongchúng we will know to a few unique culture and novelty that are available in this place. The uniqueness he has turned this place into a tourist center. So where there is something strange that attracts many international tourists have Vietnam visa to come here to visit, is also a difficult question to those who have not come to this place.

- The Communal house has become a beauty of the highlands. There were important meetings and festivals of the village. Definition read unique photos bungalow other than the floor or the north. The house is quite wide, is built of hard wood, high roof, very unique and strange.

- Is sitting on the back of the elephant truth is a wonderful thing when to this. Elephants funny will take visitors through the forests.

- Referred to highland people often think to go to coffee. The forests and coffee forests, visitors can experience yourself picking the hooded ripe coffee berries. Taste Vietnamese coffee was hosted the around The World. This place has become tourist destinations ideal for travelers.

- Gongs are musical instruments that each when be gave up people we all know to the highlands. On the occasion of village festivals, the dai this is, should be around mountain hill. English gong listens very rustic and lyrics rich with meaning, heart is very easy to go to please people. A tourist place ideal so what do you think?

If one is visiting the floating market Cai be of tien Giang, make sure you'll never forget painting sailing boat crowded fruits, agricultural products stand out among the river. People saw the noisy, boisterous laughter, but that view peaceful know what, it makes people have a feeling of belonging, of idyllic countryside in Vietnam. The floating market, the oldest in tien Giang was formed from the 18th century, is where the border between 3 provinces: tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long. Here diverse items such as fruit, poultry, seafood, and even household appliances. Because the fair meeting from early morning. Approximately 2 hours for up to 8 hours of light, so if tourists come here can see the scenery blur in the early morning is the swirled between the town with the gardens, the city along the river, dim with the mists of the night.

Source: Du Lich​


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