NHRI.EU capacity project

NHRI·EU is a capacity development project funded by the European Union involving GANHRI, regional NHRIs networks (APF, ENNHRI, NANHRI and the Network of the Americas) and NHRIs themselves.

The implementation of the NHRI·EU project is coordinated by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, as grant holder, and it aims to strengthen the capacities of NHRIs individually and collectively in line with the UN Paris Principles, in order to increase their impact and effectiveness in promoting and protecting human rights.

The project started with a first phase from 2016 to 2018. In January 2019 it entered in its second phase (2019-2021).

This NHRI·EU second phase project aims at enhancing the role of NHRIs and their global and regional networks in promoting and protecting human rights of all individuals. The objectives are to enhance:

  1. NHRIs' effectiveness as human rights defenders, in mandate areas of human rights education, communication and awareness raising, complaints-handling, documentation, monitoring and reporting;
  2. NHRIs and their regional networks contribution to a rights-based approach encompassing all human rights in implementation and follow up of the SDGs;
  3. GANHRI and the regional networks support to NHRIs in the accreditation process and in their engagement with international and regional human rights bodies and mechanisms.

In addition, one of the main goals of the project is to strengthen GANHRI and support implementation of its current strategic plan (2017-2019). In accordance with the pillar on communication and knowledge management of the strategic plan, GANHRI developed in 2018 its first communication strategy and is in the process of setting up a completely new website. The website will be launched in October 2019.

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Furthermore, among the activities supporting institutional development, NHRIs have at their disposal a new knowledge management and communication tool, the GANHRI/Fuse Platform is an exciting communication, learning and collaboration platform that lets users create, share and access knowledge. It is a digital learning space for NHRIs to learn from experiences of their peers across the region, share successes and challenges and ask advice and support each other towards a common goal.

The NHRI·EU project has played, and continues to play, a key role in supporting the development of the institutions and their global and regional networks. The capacity development of individual national human rights institutions, regional networks and GANHRI is sustainable, efficient and relevant. These are the main conclusions of the independent evaluation of the first phase of the NHRI·EU project and will certainly be the case for this second implementation period.



Evaluation of the Phase 1 carried out in 2018 by the Danish Institute for Human Rights

Latest Newsletter 2018

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