SCA Rules of Procedure and General Observations 

The SCA has developed General Observations on interpretative issues regarding the Paris Principles. They are intended to constitute guidance for NHRIs on accreditation and on the implementation of the Paris Principles. They are also useful for NHRIs to press for the institutional changes necessary to fully comply with the Paris Principles.


 SCA General Observations

expand Title : General Observations ‎(4)

 SCA Rules of Procedure

expand Title : GANHRI SCA Rules of Procedure ‎(4)

 GANHRI Statute

expand Title : GANHRI Statute 2018 ‎(3)

 Procedure for challenge

expand Title : Procedure for deliberation on a challenge brought to the Bureau for consideration pursuant to Article 12.1(vii) of the GANHRI Statute ‎(4)

 Practice Notes

expand Title : Practice Note 1: Deferrals ‎(3)
expand Title : Practice Note 2: Special Reviews ‎(3)
expand Title : Practice Note 3: Assessing Performance ‎(3)
expand Title : Practice Note 4: NHRIs in Transition ‎(3)